P-51 Mustang  Wheels

Glennis Aircraft's  P-51 Mustang wheels are the only true scale wheels manufactured for the P-51.   

The Glennis P-51 wheels feature the scale 10 hole face on the front and back side.   

The scale 10 hole gear door (front side) is shown here.


The Glennis Wheel features the correct hole shape and detail on the strut side also, unlike other brands.

Glennis P-51 wheels are available in all sizes from 4" to 7 1/2"


The front side shown at a different angle also shows the 'Diamond' style tread that is the most popular for this wheel.
The strut side, at an angle shows the more accurate face.

Other brands have tried to jump on the '10 spoke' bandwagon, but the shape of the holes is vital in representing the face of the Mustang main wheel.



The strut side holes are also correctly shaped.   Other brands cut corners here, as CNC equipment cannot accurately machine the face, as the full size wheel was cast, not machined.